40SomethingMag – Krystal Davis – Put it in, Coach!

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What does a modern woman in her 40s do when she doesn’t have enough time to play with her beloved son? Tell the coach how you feel? Take him off the team and find him another one? Find a sport that he can do better? “Make him better by magic?” asks Coach Nicky in this scene. Nope, none of those things work as well as: 1. Letting the coach eat out and touch her private parts. 2. With a deep voice and a gag on his cock. 3. Getting ready for a good pussyfuck. 4. Letting that coach have her behind. 5. Putting all of his crap on her behind. “Put it in, coach!” says Krystal Davis, a 49-year-old wife and mother. And that’s exactly what he does in her mouth, pussy, and butt. Will Sonny have more time to play? If Coach Nicky wants more a$$ time, he will.