BrattyMILF – Jennifer White – Moms My Biggest Fan

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Jennifer White was a cheerleader in college, so she dresses up in her old uniform to put together a routine for her stepson Charlie’s football team. She shows Charlie what she has, and he feels embarrassed right away at the thought of his stepmother coming out for him like that. Jennifer then shows off her body for Charlie and tells him that she wants to get some from a football player. If that person is Charlie, that’s even better. She takes Charlie to her room so they can get dressed up and have some sexy fun. Jennifer gets on the bed and does another cheer routine for Charlie. This one is totally sexy. She starts by taking off her tight shirt to show Charlie that she isn’t wearing a bra, and then she pulls down her miniskirt. Jennifer lays down and spreads her thighs out to show her stepson how much she loves him. She lets her fingers run along her leek folds. Charlie lets himself be pulled in until he’s nice and hard so Jennifer can get on her knees and pop his stiffie out of his pants and give him a deep throat blowjob. Once Charlie has been a good boy and laid down on the bed, Jennifer gives him another BJ and then gets on him to ride him in cowgirl. Charlie just gets hotter and harder when he sees his stepmother’s landing strip snatch and big bouncing sweater puppies right in front of him. When Jennifer turns around to ride Charlie in reverse cowgirl, the view of her big ass and chocolate starfish is even hotter. Jennifer rolls onto her back and spreads her legs wide so Charlie can really give it to her. Then she gets down on her hands and knees for one last doggy. When Jennifer has had enough, she gets down on her knees and waits for Charlie to hit himself and blow his nut all over her face. This is exactly the big ending she was hoping for.

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