FamilySwap – Kyler Quinn, Lolly Dames – Trying On Swapmoms Lingerie

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What would happen if each member of three families joined together to make a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Kyler Quinn sneaks into her swap mom’s bedroom to try on the lingerie that Lolly Dames brought with her. Her swap mom walks in just as Kyler is looking very hot, so she tells her to take it off. Just as Kyler is getting naked, her new dad, Ryan Driller, walks in. Kyler cries out that all she wants is to feel beautiful, and then she runs out of the room. Later, Ryan goes to Kyler’s room to give her her own underwear to try on. He offers to leave, but Kyler wants to hear his opinion, so she asks him to stay while she gets dressed. Kyler sits down on Ryan’s lap and thanks him just as her swap brother Juan Loco crashes in. Juan pulls out his dick and says, “This is where the party is!” When Lolly follows Juan into the room, Ryan says that the swap kids were about to fuck, blaming them. Kyler acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on so that Juan can start sucking her. When Lolly sees Kyler sucking Juan, she can’t help but join in. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking Ryan’s fuck stick. Kyler asks Juan if he wants to fuck her, and he says yes in a very excited way. She rolls over on her back and lifts one leg to let him in. That makes Lolly want to get on the horse and ride Ryan in reverse cowgirl. In cowgirl, the girls switch partners. Juan fucks Lolly while she’s on her back, and Kyler rides Ryan. Then the girls go back to their original partners and get their pussies beaten like dogs. The boys keep it up until Juan gives Kyler a big fat creampie and Ryan does the same for Lolly. The girls agree that Kyler can always use Lolly’s underwear and her swap dad’s dick.