MomIsHorny – Kenzie Love – Burglar Gets Punished

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When Kenzie Love got home, there was a thief in her laundry room. Diego Perez was sniffing her underwear while wearing a black mask and glasses. She tried to defend herself by hitting him with a pile of clothes. Diego yelled at Kenzie, “Don’t hit me!” She halted. How did this burglar wearing a mask know her name? Why did his glasses look like Diego’s glasses? Was it maybe Diego? She told him to take the mask off. It was Diego. He thought she was really hot and wanted to smell her underwear. He asked her to keep it from his mother. He had to be punished, though. Kenzie took him by the ear and dragged him to the couch in the living room. Here, he had to lick her puss and her behind until he almost choked to death. She gave him a BJ to soften him up for her pussy. Then she made out with him. She was obviously riding him before she let him doggie her. They made out until he got right up in her face.