Mommys Girl – Ryan Keely – Way to get a stepmom lesbian

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The stepmom lesbian mom Ryan Keely’s wedding is approaching and everything must be perfect. That’s why she and Ryan’s upcoming stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, are so excited to see the wedding venue Ryan has booked online. With the past year’s lockdowns, booking online was her only option… and she can only hope the venue she paid for looks like the photos.

It looks nothing like it did online, and they are horrified! Instead, the industrial venue is old and rundown. Ryan has no idea where the furniture was in the online photos because there is none now. She’s been conned.

As the stepmom lesbian mom, Ryan’s wedding day is ruined, Khloe tries to reassure her future stepmother. She tries to be positive, suggesting ways to use the venue’s… quirks… to their advantage. But nothing calms Ryan down, so Khloe starts flirting with him. Despite Ryan’s plans to marry Khloe’s parents, she and her future stepdaughter have been having some fun. Ryan is hesitant to continue their affair, but she hasn’t gotten the ring yet, so what’s one more fling? Maybe THEN she’ll be able to focus on this venue mess!