MommysBoy – Natasha Nice – Family Getaway

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Andrew Light and his stepmother Natasha Nice are very excited to plan their vacation. Natasha is always at work, and Andrew is busy at college, so they haven’t had much time to spend together in the past few years. They’re excited to go on a trip just the two of them. The only question is where they will choose to go on EARTH. Andrew can’t help but look at Natasha’s beautiful breasts while they talk, especially since her nipples are perky and her top barely covers them. Natasha then says that Andrew’s room is ALWAYS the coldest place in the house. Natasha starts to think about where they could go on vacation. How about skiing in the Alps? Andrew is a little upset, so he suggests that they go somewhere warmer instead. Natasha thinks it’s a great idea and suggests that they go somewhere with a beach. She talks about getting out her favorite bikini, which makes Andrew even more confused than before because he can’t stop picturing Natasha in a skimpy bikini that shows off her great body. Andrew suggests that they do something more active, like hiking or rock climbing, instead. Now it’s Natasha’s turn to get excited and embarrassed as she thinks about Andrew’s muscular body as he hikes up mountains and climbs rocky walls. Natasha suggests that they go somewhere to dance instead, but they both realize very quickly how close that would be. Natasha and Andrew agree that they are running into a lot of distractions, and they wonder if they should call off the trip. But then they realize that since they’re both adults, there’s nothing wrong with making their vacation a sexy one. Now that nothing is stopping them, they kiss each other deeply and run their hands over their bodies. They have fun, active sex, which gives them a taste of what their upcoming family trip will be like.

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