MommysGirl – Ella Reese, Brittany Andrews, Mackenzie Mace – One Last Errand

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Mackenzie Mace says goodbye to her stepmother Brittany Andrews, who is going to work, as she puts her school backpack on her shoulder. Brittany is nice, but as soon as she walks out the door, she pulls out her phone. She sneakily invites her friend Aften Opal over to show that she has no plans to go to school that day. A few minutes later, Aften shows up, and the girls kiss and touch each other excitedly. But they don’t have much time alone because Brittany comes home without her purse and finds them playing hooky and then some. Brittany is shocked, but she’s also a little excited about it. She gets well enough that she can get the girls’ attention and tell them off for not going to school. The girls say that school is so hard that they never have enough time to spend together, so they just wanted to take one day off to be with each other. They talk about how busy Brittany has been at work, which makes her feel sorry for them. However, the girls notice that Brittany also seems strangely upset. The bad girls then start to flirt with Brittany and try to convince her that SHE could use a day off from work so that they can ALL have fun together.