MommysGirl – Kenzie Taylor, Alexia Anders – Close To Her Heart

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Alexia Anders and her stepmother Kenzie Taylor are alone in the house right now, so Alexia is giving Kenzie a special birthday gift. Alexia gave Kenzie a gift before, but that was a gift to Kenzie as her stepdaughter, which was meant for everyone to see. Now, this other one is her SECRET LOVER’s gift to Kenzie. It turns out that the gift is a locket that Alexia saw Kenzie looking at at the mall. Kenzie looks shocked and a little guilty, but Alexia doesn’t notice as she tells Kenzie how she saved up to buy the locket and had their names engraved on it. So, Kenzie can always remember how special their relationship is. Alexia finally notices that Kenzie looks upset and asks her what’s wrong. Alexia’s other parent, Kenzie’s husband, bought her the same locket. Kenzie feels awful, especially because Alexia can’t give back hers because it’s been engraved. Alexia tells Kenzie that it’s okay, because when they have a secret relationship, awkward things are bound to happen. What matters is that they have each other. Kenzie strokes Alexia’s hair gently, and then they kiss and take off their clothes. They kiss and caress each other and touch and taste each other’s beautiful bodies to show how they feel. It looks like Kenzie will have a happy birthday after all!