MommysGirl – Serene Siren, Kylie Rocket – Please And Spank You

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Kylie Rocket wants to talk to her stepmother, Serene Siren, but she is too shy. After Serene leaves, Kylie’s feelings for Serene become clear. She also wishes Serene would spank her, even though she thinks Serene would NEVER agree to something like that. Kylie then decides to do something bad so that Serene will spank her as punishment. She looks at Serene’s work laptop, which is close by, and deletes a file on purpose. But when Serene comes back, she doesn’t get mad. Instead, she tells her that she shouldn’t have left her laptop lying around. Kylie is moved by Serene’s kindness, but she decides that she’ll have to do something ELSE to get in trouble. The next day, Kylie goes up to Serene with a ruined sweater and says she forgot that Serene’s sweater was too delicate to put in the dryer. But Serene forgives her again, saying that she was getting tired of that sweater anyway. Now they can both go shopping! Kylie says that she lost one of Serene’s necklaces on another day. But it turns out that the necklace was important to Serene because it was a gift from her mother. Kylie is shocked and embarrassed because she knows she went too far to get what she wanted. She leaves quickly, then comes back with the necklace and says, with shame, that she didn’t lose it. She just wanted to get in trouble so she could get a spanking. Serene doesn’t understand what Kylie is saying when she says that she dreams about getting spanked by her. But after all she’s done to get what she wants, she doesn’t deserve to get it. Serene thanks her for being honest about it and says she’s willing to spank her, even though it might feel strange to her. This shocks and surprises her. Kylie jumps up and down on Serene’s lap with excitement, and Serene starts spanking her cute butt. Kylie likes it SO MUCH that Serene starts to see why it’s fun, which leads to a tense moment between them and MORE!

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