MomsOnMoms – Kit Mercer, Audrey Madison, Jupiter Jetson, Pristine Edge – Concerned Prudes Association

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Four conservative parents (Pristine Edge, Jupiter Jetson, Audrey Madison, and Kit Mercer) are outraged that the next school play is going to be an adaptation of a popular movie that contains sexual themes and teenage lesbians. They’ve been successful with implementing change within the school, such as the dress code, and plan to voice their concerns about the play as well. But they need to know what they’re up against first, so they break out a copy of the script to look over together. They soon decide to practice acting out some scenes from the play, insisting that this will help them convince the principal that the play is completely unacceptable. But once they start acting out the steamy scenes, they unexpectedly get turned on, although they try to deny it. Soon, they get so caught up that they go completely off-script, which leads to an energetic foursome! But does this mean they’ve really changed their prudish ways??

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