MomsTeachSex – Brandi Love, Lily Larimar – I Left My Stepson Unsupervised

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Brandi Love is having Lily Larimar, the daughter of her best friend, stay with her. Lily likes Tyler Cruise, who is Brandi’s stepson. They are all drinking coffee together in the kitchen when Lily starts dropping hints to Tyler about how much she likes cream in her coffee. Brandi tells Lily to stop talking so much. Brandi then goes to take a shower, leaving Lily and Tyler by themselves. Lily also goes to take a shower, but she tells Jay that she might have another cup of coffee, this time with cream, when she gets back. Tyler can’t help himself, so he pulls out his dick and starts jacking off. When Brandi comes back and pours herself another cup of coffee, he has just finished the pot of coffee. She knows right away what Tyler did. She gives Tyler a punishment for acting up, and then she goes to the store. Lily uses this chance to go into Tyler’s room and ask him to explain what he did. Lily even wants Tyler to show her something. She pulls down his pants so he can p**** in front of her. After a moment of fiddling with her own clit while watching Tyler give himself a handie, Lily gets down on her knees and starts sucking to get some of that cream for herself. She’s in the middle of a BJ when Brandi walks in. Brandi sighs and tells Lily that she can sleep with Tyler, but she can’t have the cream because she doesn’t want to have babies. She helps Lily get into bed and holds her BFF’s daughter while Lily takes off her underwear and spreads her thighs for Tyler. Brandi even goes in and pinches Lily’s little cheeks. Once Brandi has seen her stepson’s dick up close, she wants some for herself. She kneels down and begs Tyler to take her in while she feeds Lily. Then Brandi helps Lily slide down Tyler’s fuck stick so they can ride in reverse. When Brandi takes over riding Tyler in Cowgirl, Lily puts her pussy on Tyler’s face so he can lick her clean. When both Brandi and Lily are full, they suck Tyler’s dick together until he gives Lily a mouthful of cum. They French kiss to share their treat, and then they say they’ll see each other again tomorrow.