MomsTight – Jessica Ryan, Maya Woulfe – A Sticky Situation

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Codey Steele has been living with houseguest Maya Woulfe and his stepmother Jessica Ryan for so long that he’s outstayed his welcome. He’s been masturbating like crazy and leaving his poop all over the place. When Maya goes to the bathroom, she finds a bunch of crumpled up toilet paper. When Jessica goes to the bathroom, she finds some crusty socks. They come up with a plan to catch Codey in the act so they can try to change him. The girls sneak up on Codey from behind, but he’s not yet jerking off. Later, they hear running water, so they rush into the bathroom where he is. They try again later in the bedroom. They are out of luck until one day Maya comes in while Codey is masturbating. Jessica tells Maya that they will have to pull Codey off so he will stop touching his dick. Maya shyly looks away as Jessica starts the party, but Jessica needs Maya’s help to get Codey to cum. Biting her lip, Maya agrees. As soon as she gets her hands on Codey, Maya is just as excited as Jessica to stroke and then blow his hardon. When Codey still hasn’t taken off, it’s clear that the girls need to step up their game. Jessica is the first one to get on Codey to ride him in reverse cowgirl. In the next scene of Cowgirl, it’s Maya’s turn, while Codey eats his stepmother to death. Maya lays back and spreads her thighs so Codey can keep hitting her pussy. Jessica gets down on her knees and eats Maya’s twat while Codey does her in doggy. This finally gets him to the point where he can blow his nut on his stepmom’s back. The girls tell Codey that they don’t want to see any more rags on the floor.