YoungerMommy – Ashley Wolf – Caught Taking A Dick Pic

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Ashley Wolf is sick of her stepson Anthony Pierce’s sexual obsession. Today, he took his chub out to take some pictures to send. Ashley catches him in the act, but she doesn’t believe that the photos on his phone are unaltered. Ashley has seen his dad’s cock, and she has no idea how her stepson could be so big. She says that she has to see it for herself. When Ashley gets to see the real thing, it blows her mind. Why wouldn’t she want to treat herself? Ashley isn’t sure what to do when Anthony says he’ll let her try it and won’t tell his dad. She makes her stepson swear he won’t tell, and then she does it. Ashley takes more because sucking down that big one wasn’t enough for this cock-hungry housewife. Her first penetrating experience is a ride in the style of a reverse cowgirl. This is followed by some cowgirl action. Anthony puts her over the edge of the couch and drives himself home between her thighs. Her hairy twat is dripping with water. Ashley doesn’t need to cum hard about getting it on in cowgirl. Ashley gets down on her knees and gives herself a facial. It makes her so happy that she saw Anthony taking pictures of his dick.